House Majority Policy Committee Welfare Policy Team Members

Rep. Dave Reed 
Chairman, House Majority
Policy Committee
District 62
Indiana County

Rep. Matt Baker 
Chairman, House Health Committee
District 68
Bradford and Tioga counties 

Rep. Bryan Cutler 
Policy Development Team Leader
District 100
Lancaster County  

Rep. Mauree Gingrich 
Policy Development Team Leader
District 101
Lebanon County

Rep. Sheryl Delozier 
District 88
Cumberland County 

Rep. Tim Krieger 
District 57
Westmoreland County

Rep. Rob Kauffman 
District 89
Cumberland and Franklin counties 

Rep. Kathy Rapp 
District 65
Warren, Forest and
McKean counties  

Rep. Tarah Toohil 
District 116
Luzerne County